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Opportunities of investment and internet business in Iran

Opportunities of investment and internet business in Iran

Growth and development of internet have made fundamental changes in businesses. Iran is not exception from this issue and these changes have affected business in Iran. According to official statistics, the growth rate of internet has increased steeply in recent years and nowadays, access rate to internet is more than 80%.
Transfer of traditional businesses to the internet space is one of the phenomena that growth of the internet has caused it. In the last decade, this issue has caused to create internet businesses in other countries such as eBay, Alibaba and so on.
Growth of internet has revolutionized business in Iran and due to increase the growth of the Internet in recent years, Iran has been seeking to create many businesses in this space. At first, most of these businesses were created by the private sector and in personal form. But due to imbalance of needs with the provided services and also the problems such as unemployment and lack of integrated development of the state and governing bodies to resolve this issue, Iran decided to support internet businesses and enact rules that internet businesses in Iran must comply with these rules.
Due to government's approach, growth of Internet businesses and as well as public acceptance of these changes by people, investment in this sector seems to be very intellectually and business in Iran will be successful.
It is worth noting that Iran is a young country in terms of population and according to studies, the desire of young people to buy from internet is more than other people. On the other hand, this desire and high level of consumerism among young people has created a good platform for internet businesses in Iran.
According to the statistics, were created 1227 startups in the field of ICT and 2500 business units associated with these activities in the last year. Also, four startups had sales volume equal to 40000 billion IRR. These businesses have been created in recent years through growth of internet and infrastructure.
Opportunities of internet business in Iran
•    The opportunities of investment in internet businesses in Iran as follows:
•    Young population
•    Fast growth of internet
•    Providing the infrastructure for growth and access to the internet
•    Targeting in the development of internet businesses
•    Need to create job opportunities
•    Lack of internet businesses
Also available incentives of investment in internet businesses in Iran as follows:
•    Easiness of obtaining permits
•    Creating the technology infrastructures at universities
•    Facilitating the rules for internet businesses
•    Tax exemption
Participation and investment ways
Participation and investment ways in internet businesses in Iran as follows:
•    Financial support for ideas of technological and internet businesses
•    Direct investment
•    Supplying the raw materials and distributor companies
•    Providing internet infrastructures
Due to growing trend of internet businesses in Iran and as well as changing the rules and regulations in favor of the owners of these businesses, has been provided a good opportunity for investors. According to initial cost of this businesses and theirs profitability, working in this type of business will be very productive and efficient.
Finally, due to the growth of internet in Iran, it can be expected that internet businesses will also grow, because access rate of individuals to internet infrastructures have increased. Therefore, the future of internet business in Iran is very bright.

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