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Market Research

No. Title of Project Employer Domain
1 Analysis of Iran & Armenia Commerce, 2008 Sepinud Shargh Ins. International
2 Market Research on Saffron Beverages, 2008 Mehr Golden Saffron Co. International
3 Market Research on Management Training Services, 2008 Sepinud Shargh Ins. Iran
4 Developing Newspaper of Reconciliation Culture, 2008 Farhang-e-Ashti Newspaper Iran
5 Market Research on a New Insulated Product, 2009 Tarabgin Inc. Takado Affiliate Iran
6 Market Research on Mercedes Benz, 2009 Setareh Iran Inc. Mercedes Sole Agent Iran
7 Establishing a Tourism & Entertainment Complex in Algeria, 2009 Mr. Okohvan International
8 Devising the Strategy of Entering into the Market of Insulated Tiles, 2009 Tarabgin Inc. Takado Affiliate Iran
9 Market Research on Producing Half-Cooked Foods, 2010 Rahavard Tusheh Laziz Inc. Iran
10 Market Research on Refrigerators, 2013 Pars Home Appliances Iran
11 Market and financial research of producing Sports Equipment          ,2017 Alamot kousha Sport production (Tan Asa) International
12 Market research on Poly ethylene wax ,2017     Karamadan Dina Noavaran Company (Kardino) Iran
13 Market research, feasibility and economic studies on healthy and organic stores and conducting business plan, 2017 Pars Diba Company Iran
14 Market research on producing petroleum and downstream products, 2017 Boushehr Petrochemical Company Iran
15 Market research and market study of Fruit and vegetable packing, summer 2017 Bahar Aram Company Iran


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