Feasibility Studies

Techno-economic feasibility studies are mostly conducted to finance investment plans with a view to convincing the business owners to take part in a profitable project in accordance with a given timetable and the required resources after having taken into account the incomes and circumstances of the return of their capital. In this regard, three key elements i.e. market studies, technical studies and financial studies must be accounted for.

Suchlike studies normally concern market conditions, product specifications, production capacity, required machinery, investment volume as well as profitability of the project. The company’s activities in this realm include:

·        Opportunity Study

·        Pre-Feasibility Study

·        Feasibility Study

·        Technical Study


Feasibility studies by the institute are directed under UNIDO standards, making use of Comfar III software. 

Market Research


Financial development of a company would be possible only once the existing opportunities of the market are realized and the appropriate measures are taken in this regard at a propitious moment. In addition, to take account of the organization's capabilities and the competitors' power and size is also a necessity. Market research of a commercial plan involves a deep understanding of the market trends and setting the right goals. This understanding comes on the heels of a thorough research. Designing selling plans and foreseeing profits and expenses all fall within this realm. This research is comprised of such essential parts as production capacity, the volume of export and import, domestic demands of a product and forecasting demands of the coming years. Sepinud's activities in this domain are listed as below:


-  Developing Market strategies
- Market Research
- Investigation & Market Analysis
- Economic Studies (domestic, regional & international) 

Investment & Finance Consulting

Of the common concerns the investors have is how to obtain the required credit to finance a project. The facility absorption involves a bureaucratic process of its own such that being unaware of them will cost one a great deal of time and expense.

Being sufficiently aware of the facility taking process and with a wealth of precious experience in investment projects Sepinud Shargh serves as a fulfilling company for those who step in the direction of investment. The company provides you with such services as:

Consultation on taking facilities from foreign banks

Consultation on taking facilities from domestic banks

Consultation on financing projects


Proffering novel investment ideas 

Project Management


The most important function of the project management is optimizing allocation of restricted resources to its activities to get it completed as soon as possible with the lowest expenses and the highest quality. Creating solidarity and harmony between different elements of a project, forecasting the time of expense, quality and realizing the restrictions governing the project are of the crutial factors contributing to a project's success. Some of the services provided by the company are as follows:

Drawing up supervisory reports of the banks

Handling projects from idea to execution

Managing subdivisions of a project (logistic management, human resources and implementation)

Supervising the project advancement (project control)

executing the value engineering system




Nowadays successful & pioneer companies consider the training of their human resource as investment. They believe that skilled staff will function as instigator motor of their business & will plan the development. Therefore, SEPINUD SHARGH Institute besides its investment activities appears as technical support and provides advancement of scientific condition of the society.

Training department of our institute will provide necessary trainings for individual knowledge improvement, organization management, also professional training programs in banking, insurance and commercial fields.

Our activities are:

·                                                      Training FS

·                                                      Executing training courses (In-House or outsources)


·                                                      Preparation & compilation of training packages   




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